बारिश (Rain)

Theres always something about a cup of chai and some pakoras (an Indian snack) that warms your heart along with the crisp sound of rain to bring peace to your mind. For me Rain has always been a positive experience.

In all honesty living and growing up in Mumbai where it rains for over six months, I used to have mixed feelings about it, But I do remember the best memories I have had from my college years were in the rain. I remember the time where I used to go out hiking on Sundays, get drenched and be drenched for over 12 hours. I remember the top of the mountains where you literally feel like you are above the world just floating over clouds and then for a split second it clears up and you can see the view oh the view there are no words that can describe it.

Besides the physical joy of being in the rain, I could never forget the colors it brought with it, the smell of the wet earth, the steady white noise that just felt like a lullaby to me, which calmed my mind and for those moments all the anxieties I had just seemed to melt away.
When I moved to Canada this love for rain just intensified. Here it was much softer much pleasant. Here I could go out sometimes to just soak it in sit on a bench or bike around the city or take a hiking trail and I don’t have to worry about open manholes or getting stuck in traffic. Here I get to enjoy it.
Being a pluviophile is a testimony in itself for having found peace in what most people would tag as the weather for mourning. From heavy monsoons in Mumbai to gentle rains in Canada, every drop of rain had interwoven different stories in my life, telling me to find joy in simple moments. For fellow pluviophiles, maybe even those yet to be, hopefully, this post will cause you to see the rain differently. Maybe when the skies turn grey again and the rain starts to fall, you too will have had a moment of peace and reason to smile, as I have done.